Digital Experience

Create and showcase your unique Squishy Character to express your cute self.

Display your Squishy on the exhibition screen and join the cutest community.

Create a Squishy

A major exhibition exploring the irresistible force of cuteness in contemporary culture. 

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25 Jan – 14 Apr 2024
Embankment Galleries
South Wing
£18.50 / Concessions from £11

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Experience International Magic
Creative Direction Adam Rodgers
Design Direction Stefan Endress
Production Ben McKinnon
Art Direction Agnete Morell
Web 3D Billy Myles-Berkouwer
Lead Engineer Niklas May
Code Christoph Jeworutzki
Code Robin Scholz
Sound Design Connor MacDonald
LED Type AS Thermal by Actual Source
Headline Design Lois Rodgers, 10

Somerset House

Head of Digital Eleanor Scott
Senior Curator Claire Catterall
Assistant Curator William Seung
Exhibitions Manager Ali Quine
Director of Exhibitions Dr Cliff Lauson

Commissioned by Somerset House
for the exhibition, CUTE